I’m Dr. Meredith Jones, relief veterinarian and get-out-of-vet-debt expert.

In addition to being a vet, I’m proud to be helping vets everywhere achieve financial freedom.

podcastS. speaking events. a viral facebook group. a UNIQUE FINANCIAL COMMUNITY. i’m using every soapbox i can to help vets win with money.

After paying off $100k in loans in under 4 years, I knew I had to help other vets.

I'm a financial coach. what is that?

Financial coaches help people get out of debt, budget their money, and build wealth. After seeing my veterinary colleagues drowning in debt, I decided to become a Master Financial Coach through Ramsey Solutions. (It was founded by famous finance expert Dave Ramseyyou may have heard of his popular show, The Dave Ramsey Show.) I’ve trained extensively to become a coach, including in-person training at the RS headquarters in Tennessee, one-on-one mentoring with experienced coaches, and comprehensive coursework.

I co-founded Veterinary Financial Summit so vets finally have the resources they need to conquer their finances.

it’s the only financial community of its kind, complete with an annual conference dedicated to veterinary finances.

I co-founded Veterinary Financial Summit (vetfinancialsummit.com) with Dr. Phil Zeltzman in 2019. We provide veterinarians with financial education and resources. Topics include personal finance, student debt, investing, retirement, practice finance, and practice management.

The amount of pressure on veterinarians seems to have increased over the past few years. Shifts in government spending, higher interest rates, and rising tuition costs have increased the burden of student debt. These factors, along with a lack of financial education and limited income compared to other healthcare professions, have had an impact on wellbeing in the veterinary profession.

As all veterinarians know, the state of mental health in our profession is concerning. If we can fix our finances, we can go a long way toward improving quality of life for vets everywhere.

Our mission at VFS is to empower veterinarians with the ability to achieve financial freedom.  learn more >

Over 6,000 vets and vet students are breaking financial barriers in my viral Facebook group, Debt-Free Vets.


Changing veterinary finances, one podcast at a time.

Debt & Money: The Elephant in the Room of Veterinary Medicine

by Dr. Meredith Jones and Dr. Phil Zeltzman | Blunt Dissection with Dr. Dave Nicol, Episode 43

Personal Finance for Veterinarians

by Dr. Meredith Jones | The Whole Veterinarian with Dr. Stacey Cordivano, Episode 4

Veterinary Financial Summit: Empowering Veterinarians about Finances

by Dr. Meredith Jones and Dr. Phil Zeltzman | The Veterinarian Success Podcast with Isaiah Douglass, MBA, CFP, Episode 42

Align Purpose with Financial Freedom

by Dr. Meredith Jones | Beyond the Stethoscope with Dr. Angela Demaree, Episode 53

Meredith Jones, DVM: The Vet Who Talks About Money

by Dr. Meredith Jones | The Veterinarian Success Podcast with Isaiah Douglass, MBA, CFP, Episode 20

I’d be honored to speak to THE vets in your community about their finances.

I’ll engage your audience with talks like “Taming the Student Debt Monster” and “Personal Finance on Steroids.” You may have seen me at:

What’s the good word about Dr. Jones as a financial speaker?

Praise for speaking engagements 

Meredith presented terrific advice on intelligent management of student debt.

Jim Clark, DVM, MBA

Thank you so much for coming out and speaking to us about an incredibly important topic. We are so appreciative of your insight and advice. Thank you for all you do for veterinary students!



I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication to help veterinarians manage their finances wisely!

Tim McFillin, CLTC

Thank you for all you are doing to increase financial literacy in the veterinary community.”

Jujhar Dhillon

Managing a busy small animal practice in Virginia? I can help!

I’m a compassionate + seasoned relief veterinarian who will keep staff happy and more cases in house.

Your practice is always packed, and it’s hard to accommodate everyone. That’s where I come in.

1  Hire me in advance for your busiest days

2  Book me appointments with sick patients

3  Enjoy stress-free staff and satisfied clients

intrigued? click to learn more

My relief service is different than most. Instead of substituting for a staff doctor who is sick or out of town, I’ll be an addition to your team to accommodate “overflow” patients. You know, the patients who might otherwise be diverted to the ER or a later date/time due to your hectic schedule.

How it works:

1. Hire me in advance for your busiest days.

There are certain days you know you’ll be swamped and overbooked. Book me for those days and I’ll be happy to take charge of your “double book” column.

2. Book me appointments with sick patients.

These might be booked days in advance or even the same day.

3. Enjoy stress-free staff and satisfied clients.

The goal of my service is to keep your staff and clients happy and your practice flourishing.

Benefits for your practice, clients, and patients:

  • retain (and gain) clients
  • impress clients with prompt care instead of delays or long wait times in the ER
  • provide exceptional care for your sick patients

It’s a win for everyone!

With 11 years of emergency experience, I am:

dedicated to teamwork + client communication

trained + highly proficient in FAST ultrasound

experienced in transfusions + trauma

RECOVER CPR certified (basic and advanced)

My priorities when working for your practice:


fitting in with your trusted team


treating your clients like family


comforting and calming your patients


respecting other doctors' decisions

Psst… What’s Dr. Meredith Jones like?

Five star reviews from pet owners 

“The compassion you gave me was incredible.”

“Dr. Jones, you were so kind, understanding and open while we assessed Cooper’s diagnosis and options. The care you gave Cooper, the thoughtfulness in determining his next steps and the compassion you gave me was incredible.”


“Forever grateful for the love [and] expertise.”

“We and hundreds of other people who love and adore Chancie will be forever grateful for the love, expertise and super professional emergency care given to our beloved family member.”


“Dr. Jones is a true professional.”

“Dr. Jones is a true professional – wonderful at listening to frantic owners and quick at suggesting multiple options for treatment.”


“I will never forget your kindness.”

“Your commitment to my dog and to your profession as well as your genuine care for her made it less stressful for me during her bouts of illness. Just knowing that you were with her and dedicated to resolving her issues provided confidence. I will never forget your kindness.”


Dr. Jones and team fixed the issue in a relatively short time.

“We were treated with compassion and we were given a very thorough diagnosis and estimate. Tess was in a lot of pain last night and Dr. Jones and team fixed the issue in a relatively short time.”


“Thanks for all you do!”

“Dr. Jones demonstrated thorough knowledge and sharp judgment and was able to make me feel at peace.”


more details for you

FAQ about my unique veterinary services 

How do your services benefit our vets?

  • Wellness-focused vets at your practice can concentrate on their strengths, preferences and scheduled appointments
  • You and your doctors will no longer be stressed by diverting patients to the emergency room
  • Your staff doctors can enjoy improved mental health, no longer at risk for burnout and late nights
How do your services help our practice?

  • Helps your practice retain clients
  • Helps maintain the reputation of your practice as a place that will accommodate their patients in times of need
  • Increases revenue for your practice
  • Increases practice valuation
What's your work ethic like?

I am hardworking, compassionate, genuine, and responsive to clients’ needs and concerns. With my ER background, I am very experienced in quickly gaining clients’ trust. 

Instead of describing my own work ethic, I’ll leave you with the words of a trusted colleague:

“My name is Michelle Barrett, CVT, LVT. I graduated from Eastern Florida State and obtained licensure to practice in Florida in 2007 & Virginia in 2011. I specialized nearly my entire career in emergency and critical care medicine.

Meredith Jones, DVM and I began our relationship in 2013 as colleagues, where we worked closely in our ER and in the intensive care unit that I supervised. 

We worked effortlessly together on day & night shifts―even when our intake patients ranged from toxicities to HBC, hemoabdomens, neuro cases, or even sepsis. We were a cohesive duo in our ER and provided our patients stellar care. I trust her completely; she has an amazing scope of knowledge that never ceased to amaze me. 

I trusted and respected her practice in medicine on the floor and during procedures. Her meticulous attention to detail and quality was unmatched. I’ve trusted her to provide care to my own pets. I’ve worked with the best doctors in the world―ranging from New Zealand, England, even Mexico & Spain. I am very critical of doctors, and she always impressed me.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that unlike others, Dr. Jones still loves her job. She has turned down opportunities in order for her to keep that hands-on care that she’s so talented at doing. I am an advocate for quality medicine and endless compassion; she’s high quality in all regards.”

What is your education and training?

1. Bachelor of Science, Zoology: North Carolina State University, 2003
2. Veterinary degree: North Carolina State University, 2008
3. Small animal rotating internship: VCA Referral and Emergency Center, Norwalk, CT
4. RECOVER CPR Certification (Basic and Advanced Life Support), 2018
5. Global FAST Ultrasound course: FASTVet, 2018
6. Fear Free Certification, 2020

What licenses and insurance do you carry?

1. Virginia State license
2. North Carolina State license
3. DEA license
4. Professional liability insurance
5. Health insurance

Are you active in the community?

Yes, I am active in the following professional communities:

1. American Veterinary Medical Association
2. Virginia Veterinary Medical Association
3. Uncharted Veterinary Community


Get in touch

I’m happy to speak at your upcoming event or help your practice in a pinch.

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Here are some fun facts.

i'm a total geek when it comes to:

home organization. You’ve heard of Marie Kondo? Well, her KonMari method changed my life. Feel free to open the drawers and cabinets at our house!

my husband loves to:

cook elaborate meals. I end up playing sous chef a lot of the time. We are both foodies.


traveling, going to rock concerts and comedy shows, and hiking in beautiful places.


my husband and our adorable pets, two of whom are named after members of the Smashing Pumpkins. Our black cat Corgan is named after frontman Billy Corgan, and our yellow lab James is named after guitarist James Iha. Lilly, our silly black and white pit bull, is in a class all her own.